Ju Liu

Ju Liu

I am an assistant professor working at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) at Shenzhen, Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering. I teach Finite Element Methods, Continuum Mechanics, and High-performance Computing at SUSTech.

My research employs mathematical models and large-scale computations to model the behavior of complex multi-physics problems in engineering and biomedicine. Applications include vascular and cardiac fluid-structure interactions, mechanical and biological behavior of soft tissues, and liquid-vapor phase transitions. My research work has been awarded the Robert J. Melosh medal from Duke University, and I have been invited to present at the Stanford Fluid Mechanics Seminar.


Selected talks (use Adobe Reader for movies in pdf files)

You may also find me at arXiv, GitHub, or by e-mail.

ORCID logo0000-0002-8518-2928

I am looking for self-motivated doctoral and master students with good background in mechanics and programming. Please send me an email with your CV if you are interested